The history of our taste
The story of our passion
What distinguishes us
What defines us
Many are the years we’ve been doing so over time has become what we do best.
Our craft product is distinguished from others. Its flavor is unique and fresh.
Once you try us you will not forget us.
Our history
The true formula for our taste

In MUSIC HALL COMPANY we have extensive experience in the sector, since the original project dates back to 2009, in Guadalajara, Mexico, where we began with the production and distribution of various types of craft beers.

This passion for beer has moved with us to Barcelona, where we return to the project with the same enthusiasm, but with ideas and renewed strength. Therefore, we undertake again the way of developing our own products and are confident that our experience and the quality of our product enable us to please the most discerning palates.

We offer products with excellent value for money as well as a dynamic and nearby attention to customer.