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MUSIC HALL COMPANY is a family company formed by two brothers addicted to good music and lovers of good beer. For that reason, trying to merge both worlds and adapting the sensations that cause us each one of them, we start the journey to offer quality ales, with a unique and genuine flavour and a sensation in mouth evocative and full of nuanced.

MUSIC HALL COMPANY was founded with the purpose of offering high quality products using only natural ingredients; with maximum respect for artisan elaboration and watching with care the whole production process, from the careful selection of the best raw materials to the appearance and aroma of the final result.

We undertake this project with great enthusiasm and illusion to spread our desire to enjoy savoring this healthy and delicious golden liquid, which we have called “Rock Hall”. Do you urge to join us? …

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Did you know that the origin of Music Hall Company dates back to 2009? This passion was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, where we started to design and share various types of craft beer.

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Beer, a flavor, a moment. A single partner of the most iconic moments of our lives. Fellow toast, celebrations, quiet moments .. Have you already chosen your company? We have chosen Rock Hall Beer. That because?

Very defined flavors. We found fresh grass, hints of citrus, tropical fruit and mint. Golden blond Color: Crystal Gold young. Retention generous with persistent foam crown and half gasification.